Wednesday, January 28, 2009

phoney ballony and power go bye-bye

sorry I haven't been posting, my blog post thing wasn't working.

I got a new phone!:()!!!! it is a camera phone / mp3 player.It has every thing.:()

my power went out yesterday I'll tell you more later, bye!!

(if I can)

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Shark reef

Today I went to the shark reef!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

of course my favorite thing was the sweet sharks.

it was the first time in five years.they got new stuff like a new octopus.

but if you see thees things at the shark reef there is some thing wrong with you.

the thing the shark is eating is a whale!

I got to go there for scouts and I want to thank Mr. and Miss.majores.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Cord's picks

hi, today's pick is the simpsons movie.its about the simpsons going on a adventure about the planit.Homer finds a pig and puts its crap in a cilow. he dumps that cilow in a lake and the government tarps them in a dome.I give it a score of 1


I am extremely jealous of my mom's new i-phone.It is the coolest phone ever. Its got like this wicked awesome games that you can-oh man, mom's watching hole in the wall again. I can't concentrate on the post.Its about some guys jumping thou a hole in a wall.As I was saying, -download for free and i'm sure that mom has told you to get it and you should.I bet mom is jealous about me and Go to it to play games and builed your lego creations and show them off.Its cool.