Sunday, March 15, 2009

top ten ways to get kicked out of school

10. say the F word.
9.punch someone in the face.
8.pee on the floor.
7.pee on the principal.
6.fall asleep.
5.bring a gun to school.
4.throw up on a teacher.
3.threatening to shoot someone.
2. shoot someone.
1.fall asleep on the toilet saying the F word with a gun in your hand.

(if you do #1, you seriously want to get out of school)


ManicMandee said...

Those are some really good ways to get kicked out for sure. I doubt you would EVER do a single one of them though. You're too good.

Jenny ESP said...

Real funny Cord. Real funny.

Katie said...

I have peed on the know get kicked out for that.

Warriorcats said...

i have to say...number 1# is probably the best way to get kicked out of school.......i think i will stick with being a home schooler...

Erin Beck said...

Cord your thoughts are a bit creepy and also a bit out of order. You may also want to think about the possibility of going to Juvenile Hall for most of those..I say stick with saying the F word!

Bella said...

okay. awkward