Wednesday, May 13, 2009

scrary and dangoruse

be on the look out for on of these.
.they are brown recluse spider and one ,a while ago, crawled across Homers head and there bites are killer.they start like this,
and soon end up like this:

be on the look out OK, nobody wants to get this on them.[except emos ]


Katie said...

that is sick!!

cordguy said...

Cord, this is your mom. I deleted that disgusting picture of the brown recluse spider bite from your post, because it was extremely disgusting and nobody wants to see it. I know you warned me about it and told me not to delete it because it was educational, but I'm the boss of you, so what I say goes. It's tough being a kid. It's awesome being a mom. hehe

Maddie said...

u liar! haha i know what thats from its from that website mrs sligar told us to go on and u can make a spider and feed it haha gotch

Maddie said...

Jenny I want to see it. Cord rebel against your mom like all kids should do and put it back on your blog!